Specialty "Finance, Banking and Insurance"

The educational program "Finance and Auditing for Entrepreneurship"

The volume of program for obtaining Bachelor — 240 ECTS credits.

Term of apprenticeship — 4 years.

The program is designed in accordance with the University's mission, aimed at getting the students of economic knowledge, practical skills, sufficient for successful employment and further training for admission to master's programs.

Program Objectives: to form knowledge in finance and accounting, to develop critical thinking on the major theories, principles and methods of analysis of financial and economic activity of enterprises and organizations to form complex problems solving skills and problems in professional activities and / or further training.

 The list of subjects and their logical sequence of study is approved in the curriculum. Approaches to teaching and learning: lectures, seminars, workshops, self-study with the possibility of consultation with the teacher, including through electronic learning system E-learning, course design, which in combination provide student-oriented and problem-based learning.

 Assessment system: Written exams in academic disciplines, modular certification, evaluation of current work for the study of individual educational components (seminars, writing essays, presentations).

 The area of ​​professional activities of bachelors (job opportunities):

  • financial institutions: commercial banks, insurance companies, pension funds, finance companies, investment funds, etc;
  • financial, economic, accounting and analytical services businesses and organizations of different sectors and forms of ownership;
  • state and municipal authorities.

 Features of the program’s realization: deepening study of the theory and applied aspects of finance, accounting and analytical subjects; foreign language learning throughout the period of study at SSU; lectures of invited experts, practitioners and teachers who are practicing as professionals; possibility of the professional specialization through the choice of subjects; obtaining a double degree (students of the department, learning by major field of study full-time education, starting with 2-year student who can study parallel in correspondence or distance form virtually in any directions and specialties which are taught at SSU. This provides significant savings in payments for training and logistics costs and simultaneously obtaining two diplomas equivalent degree).

The main factors of competitiveness: the demand of the professionals in the labor market due to the presence of complex knowledge and practical skills in finance and accounting; the possibility of testing the knowledge gained during the training; learning opportunity for academic mobility programs at leading universities in the world; unique teaching staff of the Department of Finance and Credit, and other departments of Education and Research Institute of Finance, Economy and Management named by Oleg Balatskiy, consisting of highly qualified professionals (including with years of practical experience) and provides high level training; opportunity to participate in research work and participation in conferences, workshops, round tables, business meetings, etc; the use of modern educational technologies (interactive sessions, workshops, trainings, etc.); possibility to continue further study at graduate courses at university.

The guarantor of the program is candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Plikus Iryna Yosypivna.

Key educational outcomes: as a result of learning by bachelor’s thesis "Finance and Accounting" students gain system knowledge and practical skills that give them opportunities for employment, further education and career building.