Major educational activities


Finance, Banking and Insurance Department has specialization Finance and Accounting. Students gain advanced knowledge of financial management and state enterprises, accounting, auditing, financial controlling, banking, investment and insurance, cash management and financial management.

Unlike other professions, our students can simultaneously receive a diploma of Oxford Brookes (UK) accredited program by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) "Financial management in business."

The educational concept has been implemented within an overall strategy for improving university training, approaching the quality of the learning process of financial disciplines oriented on international standards according to the requirements of the Bologna Convention and methodologies of financial management in countries with developed economies.

Training at the Department of Finance and Credit allows students to form a broad outlook on the financial and economic problems. The high quality of the educational process is achieved through the implementation of new educational technologies. The main emphasis is set on preparing financiers and analysts who receive contemporary knowledge and practical skills needed to work in a highly competitive job market.

Bachelor and Master programs in the specialty Finance, Banking and Insurance Department at SSU have received the status of educational programs with accredited examinations tests of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants - ACCA. This status has been granted by following the appropriate procedure of university tuition programs accreditation. Practice accreditation of university programs for ACCA qualification tests in many countries is very common and very popular among students. Sumy State University is one of the first universities in Ukraine, that reached a significant progress in this direction.

ACCA Accreditation with tests of the new bachelor programs is set to study the discipline "Performance Management" gives the right to receive credits on four exams ACCA, namely: F1 - Accountant in the business environment, F2 - Management Accounting, F3 - Financial Accounting, F5 - performance management (performance management) and master degree program with specialization "Financial management in business" additionally gives the right to receive tests and exams F6 - Taxation and F7 Financial reporting. As a result SSU students who are enrolled in these ACCA accredited programs now have significant advantages for international professional qualifications recognized in 180 countries.

Training is conducted within educational levels - bachelor, master degree, full-time, part-time, external studies and distance learning on state budgetary and commercially basis.