The world of jobs is diverse and interesting. It is difficult not to get lost in it and make a proper choice. A wrongly-chosen job is a wasted time, money and disappointment. It is so because we devote a great part of our life to job trying to achieve success and acknowledgement.

The financial expert is an extremely popular job nowadays, which is the reason for young people’s aspiring to master economy knowledge because in future nobody and nothing can replace such a worker. Analysis, forecast, prospect, calculation of possible risks are necessary for every enterprise, for every private company and for country in general.

Thus, the job of financial expert looks quite attractive. This job requires an especial responsibility, public discipline and self-discipline. However, one can work creatively with figures (even in terms of their forming as well as of working with special computer programs).

Finances are a vital system in economy and society in general. Established financial relations are a precondition for normal functioning. Finances perform an important role because they forecast our whole life; we face financial categories everywhere because they include taxes, profit, incomes, budget, retirement benefits, dotation, fines, financial sanctions.

This job is constantly highly valued for many years. Thus, according to the data published on the website of the Ukrainian Statistics State Service, the second place in 2015 belongs to financial and insurance branches that provide their workers with the salary of 8499 hryvnias (the first place belongs to the air-transport construction).

 Our graduates can get such positions:

  • Anti-crisis manager;
  • Auditor;
  • Broker;
  • Accountant;
  • Economist;
  • Credit expert;
  • Crisis manager;
  • Stockbroker;
  • Tax official;
  • Tax consultant;
  • Trader;
  • Financial analyst;
  • Financial director;
  • Financial manager.

 You make a good choice if you take the job of financial expert.