Educational and scientific program "Money, Finance and Credit"

General description of the program.

The department of finance and credit opened 072 postgraduate specialty "Finance, Banking and Insurance" (educational and scientific program "Money, Finance and Credit"). The volume of the program is 60 ECTS credits. Term of apprenticeship is 4 years. The level of the program is the third level of higher education, the eighth level of the National qualifications framework.

The program is designed in accordance with the University's mission, aimed at obtaining individual competencies sufficient to new ideas, solving complex problems of research and innovation in finance and credit, mastering the methodology of scientific and educational activities, as well as conducting its own research, the results of which have a scientific novelty, theoretical and / or practical value.

Entry requirements.

Education requirements for individuals who can start learning is the availability of higher education Master's degree (education degree of specialist), the presence of a master's degree (specialist). At entry into graduate school entrance exams in specialty, philosophy and foreign language are passed.

The content of education.

The list of subjects and their logical sequence of study are approved in the curriculum. The model involves active learning of the graduate, including through research. Program provides lectures, seminars, practical trainings, group project work, and individual work with the possibility of consultation with the teacher, e-learning with individual educational components, research.

The evaluation system:

- Formative – written and oral comments and guidance of teachers in the process of the formation of the self-assessment skills, involving postgraduate students to the evaluation of other students and each other;

- Summative – written exams on academic disciplines, evaluating a current work while studying individual educational components (research seminars, written essays, presentations).

Employment opportunities

The graduates have an opportunity to obtain employment in higher educational institutions, research institutions, research and production associations, state government bodies, administration and local government, financial institutions, etc., as well as to continue training on a scientific level of higher education.


To prepare doctoral candidates for obtaining ‘Ph.D’degree in the specialty                               072 ‘Finance, Banking and Insurance’ highly qualified educators of a graduating Department of Finance and Credit are engaged as well as other departments of Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management. Doctor of Economics, professor of the Department of Finance and Credit Ihor Kobushko is a guarantor of educational and research program ‘Money, Finance and Credit’. In addition, other members of the Department of Finance and Credit, Doctor of Economics, professor Ihor Basantsov, as well as the head of the Department PhD, professor Volodymyr Boronos take part in the learning process.