Professor Department Finance and Entrepreneurship

Scientific degree: Doctor of Economics Sciences
Academic status: Professor
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Main Subjects:

Investment market, investment analysis, business planning.​​

Areas of Expertise:

Investment market, development of small and medium business, finance of environmental protection.

Subjects of thesises:

Ph.D. thesis: "Financial-economic mechanism ecologization of the industrial production", (2008);

Thesis for a Doctoral Sciences: "The development strategy of the investment market of Ukraine" (2013, specialty 08.00.08 - Money, Finance and Credit. Kobushko_Stratehiia_rozvytku.pdf


120 scientific and educational papers were published including:

  • 1 personal monograph
  • 4 units in collective monographs;
  • 50 scientific papers  (incl. 1 in foreign editions);
  • 45 abstracts at international and national scientific conferences;
  • 2 manuals;
  • 15 methodological instructions;
  • 3 e-learning material placed in open e-resource OCW of SSU

Scientific publications (basic):

Articles indexed in Scopus:

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  • Kobushko I. M. Simplification and harmonization of customs procedures as factors increasing the volumes of country’s foreign trade / I. M. Kobushko, О.V. Ilchenko, S.I. Denysenko // Actual Problems of Economics. – 2015. – № – P. 28-36.
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Articles indexed in Web of Science:

  • Kobushko I. M. Ecological and economic evaluation algorithm of the reproduction of regional investment potential / I. M. Kobushko, Ia.V. Kobushko // Financial and credit activity: problems of theory and practice. – 2017. – № 2 . – P. 454-463


  • Kobushko I. M. The development strategy of the investment market: theoretical foundations and national realities : monograph / I. M. Kobushko.– Sumy : Sumy State University, 2012. – 517 p.

Articles in professional editions:

  • Kobushko I. M. The main directions of state regulation of the investment market in Ukraine terms of globalization / I. M. Kobushko, Ia.V. Kobushko // Mechanism of Economic Regulation. – 2015. – № 1. – P. 79-87.
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  • Kobushko I. M., Kvasha R.S. State regulation of transfer pricing in Ukraine as a means of countering capital outflows. Paper presented at the International Conference: Finance in the modernization of the regional economy, Kiev, Ukraine, 2014, April 25th, P. 66-68
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  • Kobushko I. M. Determining the level of competition in the stock market as a leading segment of the investment market / I. M. Kobushko // Economy of – 2012. – № 9. – P. 33–46.

Articles in foreign publications:

  • Кobushko I. The current investment market of Ukraine in the context of transformation processes / Ihor Кobushko, Iana Кobushko // Przedsiębiorstwo & Finanse. – 2012. – № 2. – Р. 29–41

Articles in other editions:


  • Actively participated at 45 the international scientific and practical conferences


Educational papers, textbooks, tutorials (basic):

  • Kobushko I. M. The essence of the problem and methods of financial planning / I. M. Kobushko // Financial management: manual / by the general editorship V. М. Boronos. – Sumy: Publisher SSU, 2012. – P. 212–217.






Pearson Test of English – PTE. English. Level B2

Scholar of nominal scholarships of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the most talented young scientists in 2015


2013– April 2019 Deputy Chief of the Department of Finance and Entrepreneurship, SSU;

2010–2013 Deputy Director of the Institute of correspondence and distant learning, SSU;

2006–2009 Deputy Dean of the Economics and Management Faculty, SSU;


Working with students:


Participation in scientific work:

2017 – 2020 The project leader who won a competition for scientific work for young scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the topic "Econometric modeling of the mechanism for preventing shadow schemes for the withdrawal of capital through tax and investment channels in Ukraine".

Advanced training, internship, grants:

2017 Certificate, Academic staff scholarships of mobility (Erasmus+)​​, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus Certificate-Cyprus

2015 Leaving certificate, Academic staff scholarships of mobility (Erasmus Mundus – EMINENCEII), Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj Napoca (Romania), Certificate-Romania

2015 Certificate, Academic training on the topic: "The European experience of organization the scientific, pedagogical and social work in Universities", University of Bielsko-Biala, Bielsko-Biala (Poland) Certificate-Poland

2009 The individual grant programme from the American organization USAID The topic of the programme: "Citizen dialogue for the promotion of social responsibility", Iowa (USA)


2017–present conducted practically oriented training for internally displaced persons and local residents living in the Kharkiv region, the project "Integration and stabilization support by providing means of subsistence of internally displaced persons and the people affected by the conflict in Ukraine", supported by the International Organization for Migration;

2016–present Leader and guarantor of the Master educational program "Investments, entrepreneurship and start-up", SSU;

2015–present Member of the Union of entrepreneurs, tenants and owners of Sumy region;

August 2015 conducted training on writing business plans as part of the international project "Development of self-employment among internally displaced persons in Sumy region", supported by the International Organization for Migration;

2014–present Head of NGO «Institute of Business Education»;